Social Media Marketing Services

Wingo Starr Group (WSG) does social media marketing services to clients and customers.
. As a business process outsourcing (BPO) partner, WSG offers this marketing and advertising services, as an outsourced service to clients.
WSG provides the following social media marketing services:
  1. Facebook Page or Shop creation and management.
  2. Facebook page content creation.
  3. Facebook advertising.
  4. Facebook Audience nurturing.
  5. Omnichannel blog posting.
  6. LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest account creation and management.

Facebook Page or Shop creation and management

A Facebook Page is a very important part of your online marketing activities. Most people are on Facebook to engage with posts that are of interest to them. Facebook today, is the premier gossip platform. WSG will create an interesting Facebook Page that is specific for the client’s target market. This involves the setup, images and videos that will command interest from its target audience.

Facebook page content creation

WSG will create content that is engaging. These will primarily be posts with images and articles. Videos will be added in based on plan. This is to get conversions by liking, sharing or going to landing page for further engagements

Facebook advertising

WSG will, based on client’s marketing requirements, create Facebook advertising campaigns. The goals of these campaigns can be to get likes, shares, go to the website or take some form of action.
These need to be well planned to ensure the right target market is engaging with the Facebook ad, to ensure the audience captured from the campaign remains highly relevant for the client.

Facebook Audience nurturing

Facebook audience nurturing is necessary to get the right target market. The Facebook AI will show posts and advertisements based on the audience you get in terms of likes, shares and conversions. Therefore, if immigrant workers who speak English are not your target market, then WSG will plan the audiences and campaigns carefully to ensure the best acquisition of your target market.

Omnichannel blog posting

Omnichannel marketing ensures your marketing communications (marcom) is seamless across all platforms, online and offline. WSG ensures that the primary communications channel will be the blog post on the client’s website. This ensures that the client gets credit by Google as the original owner of the content, thus avoiding duplicate content penalty by the search engines. Then that blog post is posted across all online platforms of the client. This ensures the marcom is received on the platforms that the target audience is usually on (and usually is not owned by the client) such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. And any other blogs and online publication.

LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest account creation and management

WSG can create and manage accounts on the various social media platforms. These platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are important for influencer marketing and extending the reach of your social media and digital marketing.

In summary, WSG understands the business needs to capitalize on the social media platforms to reach the target markets. This enables discovery of the client’s products and services and creates new potential customers for WSG’s clients.


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Social Media Marketing Services
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