Digital Marketing Services

Wingo Starr Group (WSG) offers digital marketing services to clients and customers. 

As a business process outsourcing (BPO) partner,
WSG offers this as an outsourced service to clients.
WSG provides the following digital marketing services:
  1. Search engine optimized website (SEO)
  2. SEO articles, images and videos
  3. Google AdWords advertising
  4. Social media marketing and advertising
  5. E-Commerce websites complete with payment gateways

SEO Website

This type of website is structured to found in the search engine results pages (SERPs) like google search results. WSG ensures the website is relevant to the keyword that a searcher is looking for. This improves the search results ranking for the client’s website to be found on the SERPs.

WSG ensures the website is engineered to be mobile responsive and speedy. WSG also makes the website enabled with a blog for regular communication updates for its client.

SEO Articles, Images and Videos

WSG creates highly relevant SEO articles for its clients, based on agreed keywords to be ranked for. These articles are based on search terms used by web users and relevant to the client.

Images will be selected and optimized for SEO based on the keywords and scaling required for a fast website.

Similarly, videos will be made based on the SEO articles and Images. Then this will placed on the website to ensure the website user will get an understanding of the topic better.


Google AdWords Advertising

WSG will, based on client’s requirements and expectation, create online advertising campaigns. WSG can do both Search and Social Media Advertising. Below, we explain what we do for Search advertising.

WSG will determine together with the client the keywords to be used to start off the AdWords campaign. WSG will create the advertisements that are relevant as well as the landing pages for users to land on and take action.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

WSG does social media marketing and advertising, primarily on Facebook. This activity is complex and is based on creating the right audiences for the client. This ensures that the current target market is targeted. Further details is on our page Social Media Marketing.

E-Commerce Websites
Complete with Payment Gateways

WSG makes secure and mobile responsive e-commerce websites complete with payment gateways. These can be simple products to complex configurable products. These websites can be integrated with a point of sales (POS) system for a retail outlet, to enable seamless web and physical product pricing and management.

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In summary, WSG understands the business needs to capitalize on the internet to get new customers and make it easy for people to find the client’s products and services. Drop us an enquiry to setup a call or appointment to discuss your requirements. Or call us during office hours to get more details.

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Digital Marketing Services
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