Customer Service Outsourcing

Customers are play important role for business. Without customers, businesses cannot keep going, which is why outbound and inbound customer service should be an essential part of any company, a leading outsourcing service provider, understanding the value of good customer relationships.
We know that deciding to have customer service outsourcing should not be taken lightly. We are happy to assist our customers in every step of our customer service outsourcing process to ensure they cater to their needs carefully.

We can fully integrate online, mobile and landline communications in our customer services like inbound/outbound customer relations and appointment setting services—depending on how much or how little integration and requirements you need.

H2 What is Customer Service?

Customer service is the process of ensuring customer satisfaction with the product or service. Often, customer service occurs when making transactions for customers, such as making sales or returning items. Customer service can take the form of interactions within themselves, phone calls, self-service systems, or otherwise.

H2 Should You Outsource?

A combination of factors can help determine whether outsourcing your company’s customer service will be a smart move. Important considerations include:





Customer Needs

  • Profitability

Depending on the number of customer services your business operates. It may or may not be profitable to hire an outside company to do so for you. Estimate the cost of creating your customer service department and compare it with the cost of outsourcing. Be sure to consider all factors, such as employee compensation and training, equipment and supplies, construction or rental expenses, and maintenance – and as always.

  • Complexity

Just because outsourcing your customer service will save you money doesn’t always mean it won’t cost you money in the long run. If your company regularly takes customer calls on technical or complicated issues, you may be better off keeping customer service in-house to ensure customers are receiving correct, complete answers to their questions. Also, if your departments tend to hand customers off to one another often, that process may be complicated by adding an outside party.

  • Time

Another element to weigh is how customer service outsourcing will affect your day-to-day operations. Think of who will be released. Unless customers call in with a detailed question that requires an expert’s answer, your time or staff may be better spent on other projects located within their talents. For example, sales or research and development of new products can be a better investment for your employee’s time. So, when you need to carefully examine outsourcing costs, do not forget to include the benefits of your decision.

  • Customer Needs

If customers want a service you can’t provide with current resources, it’s a sign that outsourcing customer service may be right for you. Do customers need assistance at times when your staff is not available? Do customers require service at a volume your current team cannot provide? With outsourcing, you can get the amount of assistance that fits your company best at the times you need it. Many agencies offer 24/7 support, which may be too costly for some businesses to provide in-house. Whatever your current customer service needs are, it’s best to crunch the numbers and draw up a clear comparison.

Method of Customer Service

Once you’ve determined that outsourcing is right for you, it’s time to explore your options. Here’s a quick rundown of the significant ways companies does it.
Email – Email support is generally a safe outsourcing bet. Most customers won’t expect an instant turnaround, and 24 hours is the current industry standard. This window gives representatives plenty of time to research any needed issues and respond to the customers’ questions. Email interaction also eliminates one of the most common consumer complaints about outsourced customer service – difficulty understanding the representative or being understood. Live chat support (or even sales) is a more immediate customer service role that an outsourcing team can also fill.
Call centres – Traditional call centres are another option, mainly if you have a high volume of customer interaction. If you use this method, it’s essential to choose the call centre carefully. Representatives may handle hundreds of incoming or outgoing calls daily from different companies, and employee turnover rates may also be an issue.

How it works with Wingo Star Group

Wingo Star Group offers a complete customer support operation on demand. We answer tickets for you, 24/7, while regularly training and improving our team. Our system is elastic with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Wingo Star Group deploys analytical techniques across the entire customer lifecycle to grow existing customer relationships and provide insight into future behavior.

We extract customer insights and offers critical clues for service or experience related issues. This enables clients to improve business processes that impact the customer experience continually.

With a lot of experience and millions of customer interactions, Wingo Star Group has proven an operating experience to deliver different service experiences for your customers. Excellent customer service improves long-term loyalty and improves Customer’s Lifetime Value; On the contrary, weak customer service leads to increased operating costs, loss of revenue and customer gifts.

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Customer Service Outsourcing
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