Costa Express Vending Machines

Costa Express is a high tech vending machine. It makes and pours gourmet coffee. It looks great in any prime office, university, hospital or transportation hub.

Costa Express Coffee Vending Machine

It is a gourmet self serve coffee bar, meant to be quick and easy to use, for people on the go. In Malaysia, we have barista’s at the costa express machine to get the coffee done for you from the vending machine.

These high tech Costa Express vending machines have a huge touchscreen to touch and select your choice of coffee or beverage. The experience you get touches all 5 senses. You will be able to see, hear, smell, touch and taste all the elements of an actual premium coffee shop at a vending machine!

The Costa Express Coffee Selection

The coffee made by the Costa Express vending machine is very similar to the shop brewed cup of Costa coffee. It makes consistently great coffee every time. And makes it very easy for people on the move to just grab and go, their awesome and favourite coffee drinks, hot or iced. The coffee formula is based on the same freshly ground Mocha Italia beans and fresh milk that we use everywhere. So you get the same consistent flavour and great taste for quality Costa Coffee on the go. You can choose from a variety including Caffè latte, Cappuccino, White & Black Americano, Hot Chocolate and Mocha coffee.


Coffee on-the-go

Costa Express arrived in the Malaysian market in November 2016 with Costa Express, premium self-serve Costa coffee vending machines located at service stations around Kuala Lumpur. Customer reception was very positive with 87% of those surveyed mentioning they would purchase again.

Costa Express is now commencing a nation-wide roll out of an additional 160 sites around the country.

Technology of Costa Coffee Machine


Wingo Starr Group (WSG) is the official distributor and solve at source (SAS) contact service center for Costa Express in Malaysia. WSG services these machines to the highest standards of Costa Coffee. WSG serves the office, education, leisure, tourism and transportation hubs.

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Because of the good quality control by Costa, these Costa Express vending machines need to be well maintained. They check for safety, cleanliness, health and make sure it is constantly refilled. WSG ensures that these Costa vending machines are maintained at the highest standards of care. For your clients, customers and staff at your locations.

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Costa Express Coffee Vending Machine
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