Costa Express Distributor in Malaysia

Get an innovative high tech, touch screen enabled Costa Express Coffee Vending Machine for your location. For your business so coffee lovers can only expect only the freshest and highest grade of coffee to be in their cup.

Costa Express

Costa Express machines are available to be placed at your locations in Malaysia now. Targeted at high traffic area such as office tower blocks, transportation hubs, malls and universities. These self serve coffee bars vending machines are tended to by baristas on site. To enable your tenants, staff and customers to get gourmet quality costa barista style coffee every time, and with fresh milk too.


Costa Express Experience

The coffee made by the Costa Express vending machine is very similar to the shop brewed cup of Costa coffee. It makes it very easy for people on the move to just grab and go, their awesome and favourite coffee drinks, hot or iced.

The coffee formula is based on the same freshly ground Mocha Italia blend from mocha italia beans and fresh milk that we use everywhere. The menu You can choose from a variety including Caffè latte, Cappuccino, White & Black Americano, Hot Chocolate and Mocha coffee. 

How to get Costa Express to my place? 

Costa Express in Malaysia is served by WIngo Starr Group (WSG) distributing all aspects of the service requirements. This includes Costa Express maintenance services. This is to ensure that the vending machines fulfill the stringent quality standards of Costa brand.

WSG is a SAS, enabling Support at Source (SAS) contact center, so that you have peace of mind with these vending machines.


How to start?

Costa Express is an on the go coffee experience. It is meant for people passing through a place on the way somewhere. For example, at an office block lobby, transportation hubs like the train station, In Malaysia, Wingo Starr distributes and installs these vending machines at these places. Get a Costa Express Coffee Vending Machine installed and serviced. For your location so that coffee lovers can enjoy a delicious premium coffee shop ground coffee.

Get in touch with WSG for an immediate discussion on placing a machine at your site.

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Costa Express Distributor in Malaysia
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Costa Express Distributor in Malaysia
Want to get Costa Express Coffee Vending Machine installed at your office block, mall or place and serviced regularly? Click here for details.
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