Costa Express Coffee in Malaysia

London’s favourite coffee, Costa Coffee is the largest coffee chain in the United Kingdom. And now Costa Express Coffee is available in Malaysia.  Wingo Starr Group is the distributor of Costa Express in Malaysia.

The Costa Express machines are a state of the art touch screen coffee vending machines. It is a self-service gourmet coffee bar. It uses fresh milk and the freshly ground Mocha Italia blend as used in Costa Coffee shops in the UK, to guarantee a great cup of gourmet coffee every time. In Malaysia, at office locations, a barista from Wingo Starr Group is on hand to help customers with the machine.

WSG upkeeps the vending machines to ensure you get the best Costa Express gourmet quality  experience in Malaysia. WSG enables you to get the great tasting quality Costa Coffee on the go.

Costa Express Coffee Drinks

By using the same freshly ground Mocha Italia beans and fresh milk in each cup, it is a superb way to grab a quality Costa Express cup of coffee. Costa Express high tech computer driven vending machines are created to be simple to use and provide the same high standard of drink for everyone enjoy a delicious cup of Costa Coffee.  It’s even supposed to have Intel inside! It  offers high-quality coffee and fresh milk with leading technology, making it the fastest, easiest and most effective way to ensure coffee lovers enjoy Barista style coffee to grab and go.  Amd not forgetting the hot chocolate too. Contact WSG for the Costa Express coffee list in Malaysia. There are hot or iced options.  And around 250 options to choose from.  The usual Cappuccinos, Americanos are still around along an interesting list of fascinating flavours.  Check it out at Costa Express near you. Call us now to find the nearest high tech self serve coffee bars near you in Malaysia..  


Costa Express in Malaysia

Costa Express a part of Costa Coffee in UK. Costa Coffee is a leading brand in the UK for gourmet ground coffee. Many Malaysians who studied in the UK will immediately recognise this brand and go pick up a great cuppa. Costa Coffee arrived in the Malaysian market at Shell Stations in November 2016 with Costa Express, making Costa coffee on the go available in Shell service stations around Kuala Lumpur. Customer reception was very positive with 87% of those surveyed mentioning they would purchase again  

Costa Express and Wingo Starr Group


WSG is the distributor for the Costa Express vending machines in Malaysia. WSG maintains the wide range of Costa Express vending machines at various locations in Malaysia.  This makes sure the Costa Express vending machines are kept performing at the high quality and safety standards of Costa.

Contact us for Costa Express locations in Malaysia.  If your place does not have a Costa Express vending machine, contact us and let us know the location.  We will work to get it done as soon as possible.

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Costa Express Coffee in Malaysia
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Costa Express Coffee in Malaysia
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