Call Center Services

A call center services is a centralized department to which phone calls from current and potential customers are directed.
Call centers can handle inbound or outbound calls and be located either within a company or outsourced to another company that specializes in handling calls.

What is business process outsourcing?

Call center services are services performed by teleservices operators in call center environments and include everything from answering phones to handling product calls. Almost any business process you can do via phone, web or email can be outsourced. You can use the services to extend your reach into new markets, provide stronger customer support or even retain your existing customers. Types Services for Various Business Needs

Services fall into four categories

  • Inbound Call Centre
An incoming call center is where an agency or contact center responds to calls from potential customers and customers. Now, there are many reasons why customers call the company. One of the reasons is that they want to know how to install the products they buy. Other reasons may be that they want to ask about the specific product or service they want to achieve.
  • Outbound Call Centre
Outbound call center is where agents make calls to customers and customers as possible. There are different reasons why agents make calls; one reason is for major generation. Another reason is to sell or to run a survey.
  • Automated (Electronic)
Electronic is about automating processes for your business or organization. Examples include interactive voice response (IVR), voicemail and dealer locator.
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services are when you delegate the entire business process to us. Any inbound, outbound or electronic service can be entirely outsourced. However, examples of commonly outsourced services include fulfilment, email management and faxing.

Why Outsource Call Center Services

Providing consistent and streamlined services for customers – Call centers are a vital division of any business. Call center services are not only an efficient interactive platform for consumers but also for private service utility. Hence, the growing popularity of call center outsourcing by companies worldwide comes as no surprise. Outsourcing of BPO and call center services is not a cost-saving move alone anymore but has evolved into a strategy for process improvement and high-end operational competence.
Outsourcing also ensures that the parent company can focus on its core business activity without having to worry about the Call Center Services and business process outsourcing.

Call Center Service Level

Service levels measure the accessibility of a company to their customers and the ability of companies to plan for volumes of calls and execute their staffing strategies. It has been found to be directly tied to the quality of customer service, and the performance of the call center is often the basis of metric metrics for call center call managers. Service level is defined as the percentage of calls answered within a set amount of time, target time threshold. It can be measured over any period like 30 minutes, 1 hour, one day or 1 week and for each agent, team, department or the company.

Call centre services level and objectives

Managers can set a service level goal, which is the maximum number of callers waiting in the queue before they are answered within a certain time frame. Service level objectives are represented as (percentage of calls are answered) / (target threshold time). Therefore, the service level target of 90/30 means that the goal is to describe 90% of calls in 30 seconds or less.

Call centre services performance measure

After setting a service level objective, managers will then measure their team’s performance in reaching that goal in increments. The call center service performance measure is marked as only a percentage of calls answered within the specified time threshold. Service level has been praised as one of the most critical KPIs as it is intimately tied to customer service quality and overall performance of the call center. Therefore, managers and decision-makers need to take a systematic approach to selecting goals, measuring their team performance and result on this data when making critical decisions.

Wingo Star Group Call Center Services

Wingo Star Group Call Center Services
Our goal is to help our clients achieve high performance while nurturing an innovative and diverse culture is our goal at Wingo Star Group. Through a collaborative approach and customer-driven focus, the experienced teams of professionals in our company drive immediate impact to accomplish targeted results. We deliver optimal lead generation, B2B call center service, customer survey and telemarketing services. We have accomplished result-driven customer insights and experiences.
We also offer services for all phases of sales process from marketing to sales. With outsourcing to us, your business will benefit by minimizing staff and overhead costs.

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Call Center Services
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